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Style Coaching


*Note: I am currently taking on clients selectively so I have enough time to work with you on making a core identity shift. There are two main methods of consulting.

Total Image Upgrade | $400 per day

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An in-person, full day shopping and consulting session starting from 10am to 5pm:

  • You will receive 3 tasks to complete ahead of time to prepare you for your shopping needs, wardrobe, the way you think about your image. You will also be challenged to rethink the way you make a first impression with women
  • We will meet at union square in San Francisco and visit key stores to build 1-2 key outfits for you, depending on your goals and nascent level of style
  • You will get to ask me questions over lunch (my treat as this is included in the pricing)
  • We will meet with one of my girl stylists and she will give you her opinions about your current and new look
  • In the afternoon, I will teach you an easy and subtle technique to meet women on the street during the day with while getting feedback from them on your new look
  • Budget you need for at least 1 outfit: $500
  • See the before and after pictures of previous clients here

Hourly Coaching | $100 per hour

An hourly service for you to get advice and help when you most need it:

  • We will setup an online task to share your new looks and get immediate feedback from me
  • You can ask me for put together an outfit for you for an immediate event
  • You can ask me for advice on dates and style advice before important events
  • Learn at your pace and at your convenience (I will still expect a level of commitment each time we meet, however)

The Desired Client

Please understand that I only take on clients that represent the following characteristics, from which stems the necessary ingredients for lasting change and success. Your success with style reflects on my success as well.

  1. You are willing to make a commitment to make the necessary changes to reach your goal, despite feeling uncomfortable at first about making changes you have never done before
  2. You give me permission to challenge you in a way that may consistently put you outside your normal comfort zones
  3. You view life as a constant expansion of your skills and what you thought was possible
  4. You see a compelling future going forward
  5. You are willing to own the lesson and embrace a new identity that goes along with your new-found style
  6. You are willing to struggle in order to grow
  7. You are willing to feel fear, and yet in spite of it, take action anyway



Q: Why should I care about my style?

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A: Style/Image Consulting Helps You With The Following Things:

Building a successful wardrobe

  • Organizing your closet for space efficiency and effectiveness
  • Decision making on items to keep and which ones to discard
  • Adding color, personality and dimension to your wardrobe
  • How to best maintain a successful wardrobe and clothing items
  • Having a closet that girls compliment when they see your bedroom

Matching, Tailoring and Accessorizing

  • How to alter your personality between rocker and business savvy with leather jackets, suits, ties, belts and shoes
  • Selecting the right fit of shirts and sun glasses
  • Adding accessories and accentuate your masculinity and dominance, or your charisma if you are already too alpha/dominant
  • The do’s and don’ts of accessorizing

Develop a Hunter’s Shopping Instincts

  • What type of store caters to your needs
  • Which brands are designed for you
  • How to Shop and SAVE money. Efficiency is top priority
  • When a sale is not a sale and where to find discounted items
  • How to comparison shop
  • Learning about fashion through magazines
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics
  • Knowing what items matter on brand name and which ones don’t
  • How to meet and attract hot girls while shopping

Men’s Grooming

  • How to maintain your body hair
  • How to trim to accentuate your bone structure and face
  • The advantages and disadvantages of long hair or beards
  • How to trim properly with maximum efficiency
  • How to find a great hair stylist for cheap
  • How to keep and look clean at minimum cost while using durable and quality products.

Identifying and Maximizing best physical qualities

  • How to play down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths
  • Balancing an outfit with color and textures
  • Having style and flair in spite of physical shortcomings
  • How to use what you have to your advantage
  • How to accentuate an image of height
  • Knowing what works for you and why it works
  • Cosmetic enhancement procedure and how to approach this option

Constructing a diet and fitness program

  • Discussing and studying your eating habits
  • Finding easy solutions you can live with
  • How to develop a fitness program in your life that you will enjoy
  • Setting realistic goals for dieting and fitness

How to prepare for an event

  • How to use a prep routine to your advantage
  • How to pack efficiently while traveling
  • Fun items to bring to entertain the crowd
  • Must carry items for emergencies and if you meet the right one
  • Learn how to warm up a room and become a magnet of social value