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7 Reasons Coaching Can Help You Beat Your Competition


90% of people underestimate the a superpower they already possess: their social image.

Guys still don’t get it. Improving you style can be fast, easy, and and increase your self confidence, success with women, and success with other men, which results in more money made. Every aspect of style is beneficial to any man’s lifestyle. Still, many guys spend years pondering why their particular image may not be working for them, or worse, working against them.

Today I’m going to spell out the 7 reasons why an image / style coach and drastically improve your life:

Reason #1 for Image Consulting:

Blind spots. Again and again, what is so obvious to the eye of an expert is easily missed by newbies and their friends. I have clients who have worn shirts that didn’t fit for years, or neglected the effects of sun aging their skin until they are 39. Having a coach instantly shines light into these obvious issues. More importantly, a good coach can alter your entrenched beliefs and mind about style. One way or another, he’s going to use motivation, fear, demotivation, support, anger and all of your available emotions to get you to see the truth.

Don’t be the guy who still wears white socks with black leather shoes. Michael Jackson passed away many years ago and you need to be aware of these things.

Reason #2 for Image Consulting:

Saving money – having a coach shop with you ensures you get the right fit and size for your frame. Without a coach you send up spending money “hoping” things will work, not knowing what actually works or what doesn’t. You end up in this haze for many years. Get the solution now, and lift yourself from the haze of mediocrity. You will save a lot more money if you got 1-2 outfits that fit perfectly and can be mix-matched with other clothing items in your closet.

Reason #3 for Image Consulting:

Looking good. Once you find something that fits, you will notice compliments and a smoothness about your overall look in the mirror. Walking around feels better and you just feel more relaxed and confident. This side effect will last for a long time as long as you learn the basic principles of style.

Reason #4 for Image Consulting:

Women. Women notice a guy who has STYLE. It is all in the subtle cues. A glance here. Sneaky eye contact when you’re not looking. Women are masters at this. You will also see more women check you out, and send approach invitations. You will also see more of your interactions go smoother when you talk to girls.

Reason #5 for Image Consulting:

Respect. Other men will start treating you differently. If you dress like a leader, they will look to your lead on many more things. This also presents a slight responsibility, but in the beginning you’ll just have a lot more friends who want to hangout with you. Of course they do – because your image is so cool? Hopefully over time they will get a chance to know the real you.

Reason #6 for Image Consulting:

Professional advancement: A guy who dresses for the job he wants usually gets it. He’s already planning for the future. He’s always prepared, impeccable. It just shows respect and a man who takes time to take care of the details. The money you spend on suits is far under the amount of ROI you will get when you get promoted on the job, or get business deals because of your now professional and sharp image. Do not underestimate this! (See Bradley Cooper in Limitless)

Reason #7 for Image Consulting:

Your time. Time is the one un-renewable resource of your life. Are you going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again? How long can you suffer and how much time, money and emotional turmoil are you willing to expend?

You can learn more about image coaching today here.

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