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Young Suit

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Every year, more than 1.5 million newly minted bachelor degree graduates come into the US workforce. Most of these young men (and women) are searching for new meaning to their lives and how to assimilate into the real world. Of these, there are those that make the smooth transition and stay true to their values as they find their way.

We salute these young college grads for successfully landing their first job, and for learning the ropes of the system. Ultimately, to beat the system is to leave it. However, at this stage in his career, the young suit has what society has told him he wanted: a corporate job, a nice car, nice apartment and nice girl friends.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Transition from college clothes to young professional look. Suits, jackets, and more formal corporate wear. Still has a semblance of college attire and the desire to be back in school (where it was very easy to meet girls)
Common Clothing Items: Suits, coats, leather shoes, sunglasses, ties, a youthful hairstyle and overall complexion
Favorite Brands n/a
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Elite-ness, Access to Resources, Preselection, Lifestyle, the vibe of the beginning of a new adventure (can be very attraction or depressing depending on the person’s frame of mind)
What Women Think:
  • He is so young and so successful already
  • I bet he knows what he’s doing. He must have gone to a great school and have a great educational background
  • Maybe I can teach him a few things in bed
Natural Habitat NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Stamford CT, San Diego, major college towns and major cities with high employment rates and company headquarters.

Famous Examples

Cameron Johnson Young Suit
Cameron Johnson
Bud Fox Charlie Sheen Wallstreet
Bud Fox
Tom Cruise Cocktail
Tom Cruise in Cocktail


The young suit is usually very endearing as he finds his way about the world. Thus far, he has beat out his classmates and competition for the elite job. He therefore has a high salary and can begin to explore the powers of adult-hood. He is usually socially well-versed and may even have been a popular kid in college, or at least gotten good grades and has a strong relationship with his professors.

The young suit may not always know how to translate his college successes into the real world. College girls were easy and plentiful, and real world girls are less forgiving on his lack of game. As such, he has a transition period he must go through in order to come out on top. As they navigate through the world, they do so in style. Mistakes are inevitable but it is what they learn from it that really counts.

Natural Counterparts

Young College Girls
Young College Girls


John Cho as Harold in Harold and Kumar

Charlie Sheen as Bud Fox in Wallstreet

Cameron Johnson, a young entrepreneur


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