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Category: Rockstar


The up and coming starlet/rockstar is fascinating to watch. He or she is constantly transforming from day to day, and is going through a style evolution for the search of the true artist within. Of all the American icons, the rockstar is the most internationally celebrated, and perhaps the most versatile in terms of attracting the different types of girls.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: The rockstar has an edgy look, and usually has tattoos or associations in his clothing to his music.
Common Clothing Items: Wristbands, eyeliner, leather jackets, ripped jeans, tattoos, music instrument.
Favorite Brands Seven, Rock & Republic, Hugo Boss, Pop Icon
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Lifestyle, Artistry, Talent, Strength, Response to fans and immense social pressure.
What Women Think:
  • He’s so talented
  • His voice/image is amazing
  • He gets what he wants and just goes for it!
  • Talent is sexy…
Natural Habitat Performance Stadiums, Bars, Galleries, Rock Concerts, Band Tours

Famous Examples

Slash Guns and Roses
Green Day
Green Day


The aspiring rockstar has an excellent look. Not only that, beneath the surface, he represents our hopes and dreams. The rocker has abandoned all social pressure and social conditioning to pursue his dreams in music. On some level, everyone has that dream but the rockstar is the one who actually has the balls and constituency to go for it.

Natural Counterparts

Hot Music Fan Girls
Music Fan Girls
female rocker girls
Female Musicians


Example of rockstar Avatars can be found on the Rockstar TV Show Season 1 and Season 2.

axel rose

Axel Rose from his Glory Days


Chris Daughtry on American Idol

Marty Casey and Lovehammers

Marty Casey and Lovehammers

Marty Casey performing “Trees” on Rockstar: Supernova

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