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Category: Rockstars


AKA Gangster. The rapper has become an icon in the entertainment industry. Since hip hop’s rise and popularity with the majority of the population in the US and worldwide, rapstars have been minted as the new entrepreneurs. Since the 90’s from Dr. Dre to Snoop Dogg and now, 10 years later, with celebrities like 50-Cent and Akon. The rapster is the stereotype of the young urban male determined to get his and his journey towards the top.

Interestingly, rapstars also dress up in formal wear to show their dichotomy in style. They have also lent a hand to shaping “urban hip hop fashion” and this has become a class avatar all by itself.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: This avatar has an overall “rough” look. Hip hop stars are very good at making baggy clothes look good. Recently, a move towards jewerly and more “retro” styles like Kanye West and Andre 3000.
Common Clothing Items: Baggy jeans, reverse caps, bandanna, baggy jeans, bling-bling, Jesus cross and silver necklaces, high-end sneakers, high end hats, Hoodies
Favorite Brands Urban Outfitters, Nike, Reebok, Rolex
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Status, Dominance, Wealth, Lifestyle
What Women Think:
  • He looks hardcore
  • There that must be a famous rapper
  • He must be wealthy and spit very good game
Natural Habitat Clubs, music videos, inner city areas, high end clubs, street-dance locations

Famous Examples

50 cent
50 Cent
Lil’ Wayne


Originally, urban kids wore large pants because their families could not afford new clothes, and pants were passed down from the older brother to younger brothers. The urban male made this instead a fashion icon. Ever since, most of these youngster have developed new ways to accentuate their style as well as social standing.

Despite the common stereotypes of the young urban African American male, they have branched out and developed many worthwhile professions. The hip-hop star look was born from this movement and continues to be a sexual avatar inspiration today.

Natural Counterparts

Rap fans and video hoes
Rap Fans and Video Girls
White Girls
White Girls
Female Stars
Female Celebrities


Rapstars also look good in formal-wear

Kanye's alternative hip hop style

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