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Old Suit

Category: Suits


Humans age and this is a constant reminder of our mortality in this world. Some men age like refined wine, growing stronger, wiser and more passionate while others remain chodes. The Old Suits are men who have accomplished a lot in their day and still are power brokers in their own right. We pay our salutes to them.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Stylish but traditional, formal but relaxed. Matches of clothing with gray and black, gray hair and a more 'rough' complexion
Common Clothing Items: Suits, coats, formal ties, suit jacket, cigar, scotch, wedding ring, vest
Favorite Brands Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Versace
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Elite-ness, Access to Resources, Preselection, Lifestyle, Wealth, Fame, Experience
What Women Think:
  • He is so mature and insightful
  • There's a lot I can learn from him
  • Daddy? Can I be your little girl again and please you?
  • He is rock solid stable and so unlike the other young, immature guys I date!
Natural Habitat Ballrooms, important social events, funerals, high roller lounges, at the CEO's office

Famous Examples

Anderson Cooper Old Suit
Anderson Cooper
James Caan Old Suit
James Caan


The old suit used to be the young suit in his hay day. He is a power broker within his sphere of influence, and is extremely accomplished. Undeterred by age, he continues to ooze out charisma and charm. He makes aging look good. In addition to his style, his demeanor and knowledge is far beyond anything 20 or 30 year old can compare to.

More importantly for younger folks: remember that if you don't keep living your life the way you want to and keep pushing your boundaries, you will end up an old chode, instead of the charismatic old suit.

Natural Counterparts

Gold Diggers
Gold Diggers


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roger sterling vest old man in suits


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