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In Houdini’s era, magicians were “cool” but often regarded as a bit weird, with long hair and a long list of eccentricities that seem amusing but foreign. With the rise of David Blaine and Criss Angel’s style consultant fixing him up for a more “mainstream, rocker” look, both men became household names. They continue to pioneer the things that we thought were not possible, and are great style icons to emulate.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Bracelets, necklaces, mystic symbols, dark eyes, tends to look “foreign” and “rockstar” at the same time
Common Clothing Items: Metal bracelets, deck of cards, hats, jeans, magic prop, leather jacket
Favorite Brands Criss Angel Store in Vegas, Pop Icon, Spencers, Diesel
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Dominance, Power, Mystery, Intrigue, Other-worldly knowledge, ability to lead a crowd
What Women Think:
  • He’s amazing!
  • How did he do that?
  • I’d like to see what’s under that curtain…
Natural Habitat On Stage, Vegas, Headline shows, TV, Magic shops

Famous Examples

Chris Angel, David Blaine, Houdini, Erik Von Markovich

Natural Counterparts

  • Magic fans
  • Young girls
  • Groupies


magician (lego)

Most stereotypes of magicians look like this


David Blaine with cards


Criss Angel and Britney Spears


Criss Angel and Holly Madison

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