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San Francisco’s mission district is a natural habitat for the hipster. This term was coined originally 1940’s to address the subculture and counter-culture of alternative beliefs and lifestyles that go against the “mainstream”. Today, the meaning has evolved and there are many different interpretations of the definition of “the hipster”. Generally speaking, I will detail the sexual avatar of the cool, SF hipsters that actually get chicks.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Casual laid back style, big sunglasses, beanies, casual shoes, smokes weed, looks like he doesn’t care and yet cares about his style
Common Clothing Items: Ironic T-shirts, beanies, glasses, formal wear one pieces fitted with casual outfits, tattoos and piercings common, Hoodies, iconic and big sunglasses that don’t work
Favorite Brands Holly Body glasses, American Apparel, Abercrombie and Fitch, Vintage stores on Haight & Ashbury (In San Francisco), Urban Outfitters, 2nd hand vintage stores (unnamed because these are all local)
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Lifestyle, niche (unique tribe), counter-mainstream/culture, artists, unique-ness
What Women Think:
  • He must be artistic
  • He must be individualistic to go against the mainstream
  • He might weird… in a good way
Natural Habitat In San Francisco, Haight & Ashbury,the mission district, and the Castro in between the gays (not literally)

Famous Examples

Kanye West
Kanye West
Russell Brand
Russell Brand
Pete Wenz
Pete Wenz


According to the Hipster Handbook website:

Hipster – One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool. (Note: it is no longer recommended that one use the term “cool”; a Hipster would instead say “deck.”) The Hipster walks among the masses in daily life but is not a part of them and shuns or reduces to kitsch anything held dear by the mainstream. A Hipster ideally possesses no more than 2% body fat.

The site continues:

Clues that you are a hipster:

1. You graduated from a liberal arts school whose football team hasn’t won a game since the Reagan administration.

You frequently use the term “post-modern” (or its commonly used variation “PoMo”) as an adjective, noun, and verb.

You carry a shoulder-strap messenger bag and have at one time or another worn a pair of horn-rimmed or Elvis Costello-style glasses.

You have one Republican friend who you always describe as being your “one Republican friend.”

Your hair looks best unwashed and you position your head on your pillow at night in a way that will really maximize your cowlicks.

You own records put out by Matador, DFA, Definitive Jux, Dischord, Warp, Thrill Jockey, Smells Like Records, and Drag City.

Dirty Hipster (low class hipster)

Natural Counterparts

Hot Hipster Girls
College Girls
Rich daddy's girl
Rich daddy’s girls who ran away to live with unemployed artist hipster


hipster look

hipster-san francisco

pete wenz hipster

Pete Wenz is another celebrity example of the hipster

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