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Hip Hop Dancer

Category: Dancer


The hip hop dancer didn’t gain mainstream popularity and remains one of the niche archetypes. With movies like “Step Up” they have found more mainstream fame in pop culture, although a huge underground still exists for hardcore dancers.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Edgy, Unconventional, Strong and direct body movement, physical strength and presence
Common Clothing Items: Reverse Hats, Sweaters, Sneakers, Wife-beaters, Loose Cargo Pants and Jeans
Favorite Brands Urban Outfitters, Target, Nike, Reebok
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Bad Boy Image, Unpredictability, Edginess and roughness, ability to command and control body, mental strength in dance competitions
What Women Think:
  • He must move really well in bed too
  • He knows his body really well
  • He has determination to master a hard dance skill
Natural Habitat Hip hop clubs, dance floors, dancing studios, campuses, hip hop classes

Famous Examples

The cast of Step Up 1, 2 and 3, America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC)

Natural Counterparts

Dance girls, dance groupies, hip hop girls, urban-style teenagers.


Example of a cool dance crew Quest and their style:

Hip Hop Dance Group

Hip Hop Style

Step Up 1 Hip Hop Style


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