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Country Star

Category: Rockstar


The Country Star is a time-honored American stereotype of red, white and blue. Originating from the cowboys of the Midwest, these story tellers are well celebrated in American culture. Head over to any local country bar and you’ll see guys dressed like this getting all the hot country gals and Southern Belles.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Rough and rugged, the country star represents the time honored traditions of the American Midwest.
Common Clothing Items: Cowboy hat, boots, rope, pistols, handkerchief and southern hospitality
Favorite Brands Local stores in Texas
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Bad Boy vibe, Southern hospitality, Warm but not Weak, Strong minded, Control over land and animals and the wild
What Women Think:
  • I’d like some of that southern hospitality
  • He must have a huge… ranch
  • Take me cowboy
Natural Habitat Texas, Ranches, Midwest cities, Nashville, TX, Countryside, Country-theme bars like Saddle Rack.

Famous Examples

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw
Gavin DeGraw
Gavin DeGraw


The stereotypical image of the country star is that they are traditional Americans. On deeper inspection, the country star is someone who knows how to tell a good story, whether it is through song or speech. The country star is also well versed in handy wokr and the day to day farm duties and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. His persona is that of warm and strength, a proper combination for the “provider” man as well as that of high survival value.

Natural Counterparts

Hot  Southern Belle
Southern Belle
Trailer Trash Girls
Trailer Trash Girls
Female Country Stars Faith Hill
Female Country Star






Example of Country Star Gavin DeGraw

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