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Lookbook #6: Light Urban Wild Wild West


Light RockerItems you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Black Sweater

2. Fringed Scarf

3. Light-washed Jeans

4. A White Belt

5. Wristband accessories (You can get these for $7.50 from H&M)

6. Watch with brown bands

white square

Lookbook Light Rocker

Description A little edgy, very cool and modern look
First Impression A guy who knows style, has a little bit of an edge, “I don’t care” attitude
Techniques used The scarf is tied perfect and the belt color matches perfectly
Skill Level Intermediate
SAS Triggers Adventurous, Stylish, Elite-ness, Rough-ness
Where to wear it Club, during the day, winter time

The Breakdown

  • This outfit was inspired by a friend of mine who has a very strong style with his scarfs. He always wore them in a way that signified high fashion and dominance. Unlike other regular scarfs, this one is rough and almost looks like a Western sheriff look.
  • The color coordination makes use of otherwise boring black and pairs it up with a black and white pattern on the scarf and the white belt.
  • The accessories really add an extra layer of sophistication and dominance to an already cool look.

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