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Lookbook #4: Too Cool for School (Or the Office)


Too Cool for the Office

Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Red tie with gold stripes

2. Aviator sunglasses with dark blue lens

3. Dark Blue Jeans (These are hard to fine in the right size, search around)

4. Textured Blue Shirt

5. Leather Shoes

6. Black Sweater

white square

Lookbook breakdown

Description Blue sunglasses, black sweater and dark jeans
First Impression Very cool guy who might have a nice office job / cool CEO. He looks just a little too cool to be a regular “office worker” but it is still a possibility
Techniques used Color matching, casual jeans and sunglasses matching a nice collared shirt with a tie, usually reserved for the office
Skill Level Intermediate. Must pull off the sweater matching with the shirt especially at the neck and collar section. Picking the right colored tie and glasses is important to pull off the complete look
SAS Triggers Personality, Lifestyle, Access to Resources, Clean Cut, Adaptability
Where to wear it The office, on a weekday, anywhere

The Breakdown

  • The contrast of the tie and shirt is softened by the sweater
  • The use of light blue shirt creates a casual feeling with the wearer
  • The dark jeans are just formal enough, but also possess a slightly casual and rebellious look
  • The sunglasses add the the man’s coolness. The light blue tint is a very beautiful and stylish look on top of the overall dark attire
  • The red tie adds a nice touch of a bright color without taking away from the casual feel of the outfit

One of my favorite outfits that can adapt inside and outside of the office.

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