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Lookbook #18: Black Trenchcoat



Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Black Trench Coat / Pea Coat

2. White Dress Shirt

3. Red Pattern Tie

4. Black Leather Gloves

5. Black / Brown Pants

6. Aviator Glasses

 lookbook - black trench coat men

Lookbook number 9 50 cent style
Description Dominant, sleek black trench coat for the winter
First Impression Rich, stylish guy with good taste
Techniques used Strong upper body and accentuation of torso and hips
Skill Level Intermediate-Advanced
SAS Triggers Elite-ness, Wealth, Dominance
Where to wear it During the day (winter time), Night clubs, Business Travel

The Breakdown

  • The key to this look is picking the right pea coat. A well fitted coach accentuates your torso and your back, and hugs your body frame nicely towards your hips.
  • You will recall Neo from the Matrix, the guy from Jumper, and a few movie characters using this look. The black reminds people of a “cape”, but more conventional and dominant.
  • The coat can be matched with a darker shirt or black pants, and is versatile during winter time.
  • Try not to wear it on warm days or where temperature changes quickly – as it can get heavy and you may start to sweat. Because of its size, it is not always easy to change.
  • This is a great look for the winter time.
  • Additional trench coat designs:
long trenchcoat black men
Burberry Black Trench Coat

Burberry Black Trench Coat

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