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we'll email you a link to Lession 1 immediately. Then each day for the next two days you'll get an email linking to a new style lesson.


A lookbook is a term borrowed from the fashion world, where it used to describe collections of photographs that designers use to show off their clothing lines, and use as inspiration for future designs.

Here on Seducing With Style, we use our lookbook to highlight some of cool looks that have caught our eye that we want to share with you guys. For each look, we break down all the items that the model is wearing that makes the look work. Hopefully you will be inspired by some of the styles in our lookbook and try to recreate some for yourself.

Lookbook 245
Lookbook 244
Lookbook 513
Lookbook 515
Lookbook 517
Lookbook 959
Lookbook 985
Lookbook 1809
Lookbook 1811
Lookbook 1893
Lookbook 1983
Lookbook 1986
Lookbook 2936
Lookbook 2938
Lookbook 2939
Lookbook 2940
Lookbook 2941
Lookbook 3174
Lookbook 3176
Lookbook 15359