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Kevin S. Before and After Style Pictures


Kevin, AKA “Sexual Twinkie” is the co-author of White Girls With Asian Guys and a young 21 year old guy who seems to end up with girls all the time. When I first met him he was in the middle of his style transformation, adjusting to the new college he transferred to and turning 21 and finally being able to hit the club scene.

Kevin’s style closely resembles mine. He uses his hair very well and uses lots of accessories. Girls always make comments about his necklaces and hair style. Because he’s mixed (Asian and white), his eyes gives him an additional foreign complexion to his already rocker look. Being young of age, he is also able to mix in well with college coeds at frat parties.

Kevin’s Before and After Style Picture:

kev before and after montage


> What made you want to change?

It had to do with my lack of success with girls back in school.
Elementary,  jr. high and high school. Thinking that my looks was a
factor. I still believe that looks do not matter as much as people
think but it does help your game and yourself as a whole. Not only for
the outer affect in terms of appearance to girls but for inner
affects. Appearance (Fashion) is an outer expression of who we are
inside.I believe that a lot can be said by the way we dress ourselves
and with the things that we wear. I remember back in jr. high when
some dumb girls made fun of my hair. It was a big puff and there was
no styling to it. I realized that looks matter to an extent. Why not
use it to my advantage.

kev highschool style before1

kev highschool style before2

> What did you try in your style that worked? What didn’t?

My style is constantly changing. I believe that finding what is cool
and what I like to wear by modeling other people like rock stars and
celebrities works wonders…Because I like what they wear.

For me it was the “I don’t care about what other people think” that it
displays when I wear something that I want. Even though it may get me
attention. Before I would not wear it due to the attention I would get
(good or bad), but now with more confidence I find that I want to wear
those things and that by wearing them I had to deal with people
reacting to me and it improved my own confidence.

Kev After Club Style 1

Kev After Club Style 2

> How long did it take you to change up your look?

Like I said it is constantly changing. The biggest change was probably
in high school. This was when I started actually spiking my hair up,
Stopped getting my haircut by my mom… Started wearing graphic t’s
and wearing what musicians and friends were wearing. However it is
still “childish” due to the skater shoes and sweatshirts.

Right now I’m 21, my fashion sense is in a transitioning phase.
Because I want to become more stylish, stop dressing like a high
school /college  kid and look older. Back to reading Seduce With Style
and shopping…

Kev After Club Style 3

> How did women respond from beginning to end?

Girls love my hair whether it is long or short. However I get the best reaction when it is short and spiky. My favorite style is spiky hair (short to medium spikes) and adding color makes a huge difference. I went bleach blonde for nearly a year.

I remember going to Hollywood and was experimenting with my look. I
went out in a Gothic style wearing all black, spiked wrist bands and
eyeliner with my hair medium spiked. This girl wouldn’t stop
complimenting on how much she liked my look.

Women respond depending on how I look at the time. At times I can
dress “younger” and look like I am still in high school or college. I
can also dress older, with nice dress shoes etc. and get a different
affect. However, the most compliment I get is about my hair.

Either way it’s always snug fit clothing, and aggressive style. Spiked
hair, accessories etc. to show masculinity and that I’m a cool guy.

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