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AlphaWolf Before and After Style Pictures


My Success Story

Those of you who know me on the Forums via Field Reports know my game’s ups and downs over the years.

My style was progressing as well over this period of time. Because your attire represents a part of who you are, I think your appearances changes over time as well.

Music artists always come out with a new “image” after each album release, and although this is mostly due to commercial reasons, I think life is about change. We are always changing as well, and those who I have come across in my journey have changed for the better as well.

me before after


1. Problem

  • To start off, I wasn’t really paying too much attention to my looks in high school or college.
  • I knew it was important, but I had no idea how to change it. So I mostly copied other kids with white T-shirts and jeans. Unfortunately, most other kids didn’t know how to dress either.
  • I had a nice guy demeanor, and although I was tall, I wasn’t getting the type of attention I wanted from girls.
  • Despite my average style, I was making friends with guys and usually leader of the group (amongst other nerds). It was a fun time and ironically it is important to remember that girls alone don’t make you happy.
  • Nonetheless, after school I realized that I needed a drastic changes, because I was 23 years old and still a virgin. My experience with the opposite sex was severely limited. On the plus side, I got a great business education because that (and Warcraft 3) was my main focus in life up to that point.

Here’s me in high school

my style

In College, I am on the left. I had bad body posture and hunched over a lot, diminishing my natural height.

my style


In College, my friends and I had a great time. However, we didn’t get to enjoy it with girls. We didn’t have any ‘girl-related’  drama either, though.

my style

Thus, my biggest problem was:

How do I change myself to attract girls? How do I change the way I look to appeal to women?

2. Approach

  • I first set about to read all the books I can about attracting women. After-all, the library had historically been the source of knowledge gathering. The Game came along and that created a fundamental shift in my thinking.
  • I started changing up my style. I began collecting a folder of GQ cut outs and downloaded pictures of male models and their portfolios. I started looking for the signs of “stylish” and “attractive” in men and how to create these signals.
  • At first, my style got better because I was paying more attention to my looks, but experimentation means making mistakes here and there, and then correcting it.

3. Recommendations

  • Here are some of my better pictures, but I was just “starting to get it”.
  • You’ll notice some minor flaws in these pictures below

Here, I should have unbuttoned my top button. It looks too tight and would have looked more relaxed with the first button open.

mens style


This is a pretty good pictures with 2 cute girls. But, tucking in my shirt may have looked a little cooler with this particular attire.

my style


You can’t see it in this picture, but I had a lot of acne on my face! Despite my cool white jacket and style, you needed to have a healthy lifestyle and balance you food so that your skin looks great too. I started to realize that good style also means good health.

mens style


4. Results

  • Between the ages of 23 to 27, I had 2 serious relationships and I lost count after sleeping with 20+ girls.
  • I stopped counting after 20, because I realized that it doesn’t matter.
  • I knew the basics to get girls and I turned my attention to relating to people in general.
  • My style helped me get compliments from strangers, in job interviews, and get noticed by people in general.


This picture was taken in Vegas. I felt like I had “arrived”. I became more consistent with my style wherever I was at.


I started incorporating leather jackets into my wardrobe.

mens style


I started standing out more and more amongst my friends

mens style


I began to realize that my culture is my strength. Despite the many negative stereotypes of Asian people in the US, where we can incorporate our traditions gives us strength in our identity. And this was very attractive.

mens style


In game, I saw style as a way to express my personality. More importantly, it was getting me closer and closer to meeting and connecting with the girls I was really attracted to.

5. Continued Evolution

Whether we like it or not, we are always changing. By this point, “Stylish” was becoming consistent in my mindset and everyday attire.


During Halloween, an interesting mix of Victorian vampire and a trench coat. The girl happened to be “peacocking”.

mens style


During a regular day, I can still pull off a stylish lookmens style



If you haven’t already, invest 200-300 in a photoshoot. These pictures can last a lifetime and help cement your stylish image.mens style


To me, one of the coolest things is being stylish even though you’re just “chilling” with friends. You don’t even have to think about it anymore. Your “avatar” has crystallized into a part of who you are.

mens style


Of course, different climates call for different attire. Here in Rio De Janeiro with 3 tourist girls

mens style


Ultimately, I was able to develop my style and game to a reasonable level of competency in meeting girls and getting to know them. I wasn’t able to do this before.

mens style

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