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Frayed Jeans

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Frayed jeans are jeans that have been purposely worn down by hand or through machine processes to the point where the threads of the jeans begin to unravel. This is done to give the jeans a more worn and rugged look.

Frayed Jeans Knee

Frayed jeans hint at an active lifestyle

The fraying of the jeans can appear in many sections– the top of the jeans along the waist, at the bottom of the jeans along the cuffs, or in the middle of the jeans along the legs or crotch. Fraying of the jeans can range anywhere from a subtle wear to gaping holes in the jeans.

Frayed Jeans Waist

A pair of jeans frayed across the top

The trend with jeans has been towards jeans with a more worn look, with many companies creating jeans that have washes and whiskers as if they had already been worn. This can be a good thing if you are going for a more rugged avatar, but is usually best done in moderation.

Frayed Ripped Jeans

Overdoing it

Some guys also like to personalize their jeans by letting them fray naturally from everyday use, rather than purchasing them pre-worn.

Naturally Frayed Jeans

The cuffs on a pair of naturally frayed jeans

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One Response
  1. Socialkenny says:

    I’m in love with frayed jeans by the way.I actually made a few pairs at home by ripping them and using a grater to wear the thighs out.

    MTV’s Jersey Shore guys were the ones who really got me into it full time(Dj Pauly D and Ronnie).