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Daisy Dukes

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Daisy dukes are incredibly short jeans that were popularized by the fictional character Daisy Mae Duke in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard. On the show, Daisy portrayed a Southern Belle who often wore provocatively revealing clothes, and became something of a sex symbol during the 1970s, during which the jeans of her namesake also grew in popularity.

Daisy Dukes are still popular to this day, although they are mostly restricted to women and gay men, since they typically ride up all the way past the thighs, and sometimes even past the butt.

Short jeans in general have fallen out of popularity among men, and it has almost become unacceptable for men to wear Daisy Dukes, although some Europeans and metrosexuals get away with the look. In general, Daisy Dukes should be avoided, unless you’re looking for a lot of unwanted attention.

Old Guy in Daisy Dukes

Don't be this guy

Hot Daisy Dukes

An appropriate use of Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes Motivational Poster

Also appropriate

Jessica Alba Daisy Dukes

Bonus picture of Jessica Alba

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  1. Vance Shaw says:

    Hey, I like the daisy dukes on that guy. He has great legs, a nice plump fanny and a disarming smile.