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Finding Eyeglass Frames That Flatter Your Face

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Eyeglasses for men

Stylish JT wears this season's thick, wide frames.

Want that sexy nerdy look? Try some new eyeglasses. But first, be sure to choose the right eyewear for your face by keeping in mind key considerations like your face shape, coloring and proportions. Here's some tips that should help you find the perfect frame for you:

  1. Determine Your Face Shape: First and foremost, you don’t want frames to be the same shape as your face, because that will only exaggerate your face's shape. The key here is to contrast the shape of your face with the shape of your frame. For instance, rounder faces need the opposite shape in a frame, so go with more narrow, rectangular frames. On square faces, oval frames work very well.
  2. Consider Your Coloring: The frames you select should complement your hair and skin tone. Cool complexions have blue or pink undertones, and warm complexions have yellow tones. Some good frame colors for cooler skin tones include black, and blue. Warm tones should go for khaki,  or gold frames.
  3. Pick Your Proportions: Eyewear should be in proportion to the rest of your face and provide balance. For example, if you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead and eye area are wider than the bottom of your face, so you don’t want big, thick frames that add more weight. In this case, rimless glasses remove the weight and balance your face. If your face is long, you can go for square, bigger frames because the frames won’t fill up as much of your face and your proportions will still be balanced. A few other suggestions: shorten a high forehead with a frame that is even with the brow, or slightly higher. Widen a narrow face with frames that are decorative or have contrasting temples.
  4. Know the Trends: The current trends in eyewear should only inform your frame choice, not dictate it. If you can find a hip pair of frames that fit your face and its shape, coloring, and proportions, go for it. The trends for 2013 include everything from rounded, retro styles to larger and bolder frames that outline well outside your eyes. Other current looks range from colored frames, like blue, to rimless. Materials like titanium and plastic are also in this season.

    Tom Ford Eyeglasses for Men

    Tom Ford designed rounded, retro tortoise glasses for 2013.

Just remember: whatever eyewear you choose, be sure your eyes stay centered in the frame, and that the frames are made of materials that match your lifestyle. For example,pick a sturdier frame if you are very active.

Glasses are back in (whether you need them or not), so go for it.


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