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Do Guys Look More Stylish With Women In The Picture?


One of the reasons fashion magazines feature hot girls with guys is that it sells. The brand. The jeans. The product. But why?

Evolutionary Psychologists, social psychologists and anthropologists have studied this in depth. In studies that have asked women to rate men on a scale of 1-10 on attractiveness, scientists found an almost 1.0 difference when a women was also in the picture with the man. That scale tips even more if she is seen smiling at him or otherwise expression a positive emotion towards him.

Whereas men will see the magazine and checkout the girls (or be jealous at the guy), women notice an attractive spike right away about the guy who is already “preselected” by the women in the picture. Thus, the theory of preselection holds true for the dating scene and selling products.

So, the next time you’re thinking about a profile picture on Facebook or a dating site, remember to find one with an attractive woman smiling at you for the maximum effect.



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