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Clothing Familiarity


Have you ever felt attached to a particular blanket you snuggled up against to sleep in since you were a little kid? Have you grown accustomed to the look and feel of a certain fabric? We get accustomed the things we use often. A warrior may compare his own strength and its merging with the sword that he uses when he goes to battle.

favorite blanket

These feelings of attachment are not uncommon, for we, as human beings, assign meaning to things and our routine behaviors. Our clothes are no exception to this rule. The concept of the level of familiarity one has with his or her clothing is an important one towards becoming stylish.

On one hand, the artist must be willing to try new things. To feel different types of fabrics, colors and designs on his body. On the other, we grow more and more fluid and “integrated” with our clothing pieces over time.  Sometimes, they just become “iconic”  in that it defines who we are. Who can forget Dean Martin in the Godfather? Or Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit? Or Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

If you ever watched Sex And the City or Entourage from season 1 to the ending seasons (6 for SATC and 8 for Entourage) you will notice the defining clothing styles of each character and how it has evolved since the beginning. Take Ari Gold, for example. In the first season, he was the business suit. His suit was bigger and he always had on a tie. As we progress into seasons 5 and 6, Ari’s suit becomes more and more fitted to his physique, and he has developed “props” such as his cell phone. The way he smooths out his tie when he’s angry at his wife during a therapy session, or the way he unbuttons his suit jacket when he sits down. Carrie from SATC has become more accustomed to designer shoes, and more familiar with her hat choices.

Season 1 Carrie style and hair:

carrie sex and the city season 1

Season 6 Carrie style and hair:

carrie sex and the city season 6

The point is this: try on different types of clothing and get feedback on it. As you start developing this style sense, you will begin to feel an affinity for your jeans, shoes, shirt. Give it at least 2 weeks. As you get more and more comfortable with a particular type of “look” or clothing, your style will become more mature and iconized. Before long, girls will just think of you that “that stylish, good looking guy.”

Notice Ari’s first season suits – they are a bit looser. Season 6 shows him becoming comfortable with his hand gestures and also the way he holds his two cell phones and how he channels his anger a lot more quickly.

Ari Gold season 1

Ari Gold season 7

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