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Autumn Style for Men

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Perhaps the one of the most exciting seasons for fashion, if not the most exciting season, Autumn interestingly signals the beginning of the end of the year as well as the promise of great things to come.  For young men in college, to older men anxiously awaiting a reprieve from the scorching summer heat, Autumn marks a time when a man’s wardrobe can reflect his baser personality traits, whether rugged and needing to wear a heavy wool pea coat, or less heavy, and needing to wear a fashionable thin jacket.

Autumn is the beginning of the colder months, but it’s not quite cold.  With a crisp chill in the air, men can feel free to experiment with various fabrics.  Wool and nylon can be paired together in a fair compromise between the chillier days that dictate a need for heavier clothing, and the spurts of warm days that still allow looser, and more breathable fabrics to be worn.

mens autumn style

Whether wearing a pea coat, a trench coat, or some great accessories, Autumn is a season full of fashion possibilities.  A lot of the trends seen in this year’s Fall-Winter runway shows have made a markedly distinct return to heavier fabrics, and darker as well as more earth tones such as mustard and deep burgundy, while also featuring a good amount of layering.  The great thing of seasonal fashion, particularly for colder weather, is that styles can vary, but men can still cobble together a great look.  Cable knit sweaters are at once masculine, but with a look of softness – a slightly feminine touch – that can make men seem particularly approachable.  While some women enjoy a man with a more feminine sense of style, most prefer a masculine man.  Nevertheless, subtle touches of softness helps to demonstrate that a man is balanced in his style and can appreciate not only structured, hard lines, but also soft or semi-soft fabrics, etc.

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