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7 Trends For Winter 2012/13

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You guys know I am not a big fan of surface level style advice. However, just for fun, here are some of my predictions what random fashion trends this weekend. These may help you style up as we head into the cold months.

1. Oversized bags.

Once upon a time a guy carried most of what he needed in his pockets (and put the rest in his girlfriends handbag). At most he carried a sports bag on gym days.  But in this age of iPads and other gadgets a large stylish bag marks the man.

7 Trends for Winter 2012-2013 Over-sized bags Hackett

Over-sized bags from Hackett of London

Like your watch and  shoes, your bag will tell you lady friends who you are- so be prepared to put an investment in to leave the right impression. The hottest choices are over-sized leather satchels or retro style canvas bags worn over the shoulder.

2) Duffle Coats

7 Trends Winter 2012-13 Duffle Coats by Morris

Duffle Coats by Morris

The Duffle Coat is back with class. Make sure you go for one that is wool (synthetic wool copies look wrinkle and look shabby sooner, they also don't keep the warmth).

3) Bow Ties and Pocket Handkerchiefs

7 trends winter 2012-13 Bow Ties & Pocket Handkerchiefs Hackett London

Bow Ties & Pocket Handkerchiefs by Hackett London

Dapper is back. There a lot of little details that can set you apart from the crowd for not too much of a cost.  Bow ties are for the brave but if you have the confidence, go for them.

4. Tweeds

Tweeds are a type of wool and a topic grade fabric will really set you apart from the guys in synthetic blends.

Wearing tweeds is all about playing with texture and dressing with a subtle sense of play- like a sexy professor.

7 Trends Winter 2012-13 Tweeds-and-Wools-Gant-Rugger

5. Blending and Juxtaposing

Urban meets country, city meets mountaineer, that's what it's all about. Throw a hoodie under you suit jacket or wear an outdoor gear coat and some mountain boots with your suit.

7 Trends Winter 2012-13 blending

Blending Urban & Country, Modern & Outdoors

Other ideas for blending include a denim shirt under a cashmere v-neck and a bow tie with jeans and a corduroy jacket.

6) Corduroy

So, while were talking corduroy, Urban brands like Acapulco Gold below, are cutting and pattern corduroy in new ways.

7 Trends Winter 2012-2013 corduroy acapulco-gold

Corduroy from Acapulco Gold

The texture on these jeans is subtle and eye catching. Look for such twists in fashion.

7) Silver Suit

For dressy occasions pick silver or grey in a natural wool blend this season.

7 Trends Winter 2012-2013 Duchamp Silver suit

Silver/ Gray Sut by Duchamp

This silver suit with a vest and gold tie will make you stand out from a crowd (even if you're not the groom at the wedding). You can also take the vest and blazer apart for smart casual looks with denim and  corduroy.


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