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Category: Politicians


Politicians have power, and power is attractive to women (and men). The famous politicians of our time are no exception to this rule.

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Unique Style Qualities: Power, charisma, ability to speak to people’s hearts and influence others to action
Common Clothing Items: Blue ties, suits, formal wear
Favorite Brands n/a (I don’t know); Tailored Suits
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Elite-ness, Dominance, Responsibility, Public Image, Charisma, Power
What Women Think:
  • He looks so good in a suit
  • He is such a great and influential person
  • He is so powerful, I wonder what he’s like in bed
  • Tons of women must solicit sex from him everyday
Natural Habitat Washington, D.C., The White House, Huffington Post, Newspaper conglomerates, government bureaus

Famous Examples

Gavin Newsom, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Barrack Obama

Natural Counterparts

Political groupies, social activists, secretaries, women who work in the white house


Gavin Newsom and Wife

Gavin Newsom and Wife

Bill Clinton in Esquire

Bill Clinton in Esquire

JohnEdwards and Kerry

And of course, the famous Obama Girl:

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