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Sexual Avatar
Sexual Avatars

Alpha Nerd

Category: School


Most people cherish their 4 years in college as a time of freedom and personal experimentation. Girls are plentiful and the worries of the real world have yet to hit most college students.

Well, not so for the alpha nerd. He has spent years studying his heart out, either of his own desire or his parent's guiding will. Thus, he has excellent academics and is generally very smart. The alpha nerd is the likable guy who the girls want to make over. They are also highly sought after among nerdy and sci-fi girls on and off the campus.

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Dorky, but cute looking. Usually has glasses and a cashmere sweater on
Common Clothing Items: Plain T-shirt, glasses, dorky hairstyle, good looks but mundane clothes
Favorite Brands Campus store hoodies, T-shirts, Target, Wal-Mart, Pass-downs from older bro
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Intelligence, Health (no crazy smoking or partying), future wealth potential, ability to lead other nerds
What Women Think:
  • He must be smart
  • I can “save” him!
  • He's a diamond in the rough!
  • Secretly, he's dorky like me!
Natural Habitat The college campus, The Apple store, coffee shops, the library, alone in their dorm rooms

Famous Examples

Larry Page
Larry Page
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg


The alpha nerd usually has the potential to become an alpha male. However, he's missing a few of the key components. He either never bothered to learn it, or is so focused on a subject that they never paid much attention to girls.

As such, they are very intelligent in their chosen fields, much so than their frat counterparts. Despite their lack of sexual success, they usually go on to do very well in life. The alpha nerd is extremely attractive to certain girls who consider themselves “a bit dorky” and like other guys who exhibit these traits.

Example of the college nerd guy in Harold and Kumar:

Natural Counterparts

Nerdy Girls
Nerdy Girls
Sci-Fi Girls
Sci-Fi Girls
Traditional Asian Girls
Traditional Asian Girls



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    1. Peter D says:

      To be honest, I don’t think it’s healthy publishing a nerdy stereotype as a ‘sexual avatar’… It’s definitely not going to attract cute girls in a hurry. At least, not my kind of cute girls :)

      • AlphaWolf says:

        Thanks Peter.

        You know its pretty interesting. I have these very cute girlfriends who only like geeky looking guys. Of course, they go for the alpha geek (the best looking nerdy guy). Stanford chicks and also some of the Silicon valley girls. They are out there.

        • Peter Davis says:

          I guess I’ve never encountered any, personally.
          Then again, I’m in another continent in a significantly smaller city. haha. In Adelaide, South Australia, the nerdiest guys you’ll see with cute girls are the indie nerds (hipsters) or naturally good looking “nerds”. The guys I know dressing as you describe are definitely not getting anywhere with women…

    2. a nerd that has his stuff together right…like(Mark Zuckerberg), can technically grab anything, and since alot of women are using computers and becoming social online (facebook)it really does open the windows to actually socializing & creating attraction, guess what im trying to say is that…the reputation of the nerd is shifting in todays era, its linking in with billionaires (wealth&success) that have alpha male status, and its only gonna get better, as the years go by…

      • AlphaWolf says:

        Women gravitate towards power, and with the shift of control going to the Internet, the nerds tend to be winning. They are, however, still the lowest of the totem pole growing up in school. In real life, however, many of Silicon Valley’s (where I live) wealthiest entrepreneurs were once or still are nerds.

    3. Lehtair says:

      That Bill Gates photo is great. lol at how he’s in the middle too. He must have more experience than the other nerds