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Lookbook #16: Simplistic Black

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Simplistic black seduce with style
Items you’ll need to replicate this look:

1. Tight black jeans

2. Black boots

3. Jet black suit jacket (Calvin Klein)

4. White shirt (cut)

5. Black shirt

6. Custom necklace (Pacsun)

Lookbook number 9 50 cent style


Description Unique and fashionable artist
First Impression Mixed feelings of masculine and feminine clothing items, creates a great contrast and a sense of mystery.
Techniques used Layering: the white shirt over the black under shirt. The black coloration from the sunglasses down to the boots, and the customization of the cut shirt and the combining of unique and interesting necklace pieces. Feminine and masculine energies created at the same time.
Skill Level Advanced
SAS Triggers Pre-selection, Elite-ness, Carefree Attitude, Counter-Culture, Unique Style, High fashion
Where to wear it During the day

The Breakdown

  • There’s a sense of ease about this look. The black, the sunglasses and the cut shirt create masculinity. The necklace is both feminine and masculine. The whole look distorts what is conventional and screams “high fashion” right away, given the model’s look and his overall body language.
  • Extra tip: Pac Sun, H+M and Forever 21 has some amazingly cheap accessories. Sometimes they are for girls, but you can mix and match them to make them look unique and masculine on a guy as well.

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