What Every Guy Ought To Know About Style Attraction:

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After stumbling in the real world as a 23 year old with no clue, I went on to discover the breakthrough approach shown in this video. I discovered an efficient and effective way to dress to impress.

These 5 lookbooks and attraction triggers were part of a build that helped jumpstart my career, friendships and my dating life. 

I've coached hundreds of students interested in improving their image... and as a result, upgrade their lives into reaching their goals, be it their careers, dating lives or self esteem.

I've created a second video for you where I show you how to put together these lookbooks, how to save money while doing so, and how to leverage these subtle attraction triggers to start successful interactions with people you meet everyday.

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That's why I've packaged the Custom Lookbooks, the Style Attraction template and the tutorial up for you and making it available for free.

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-Vince "Rockstar" Lin