Normal guys & dating coaches alike are frustrated by the exact same problem today:


...BUT I don't want to get rejected whenever I approach strangers
...BUT most dating products are over-hyped and over-priced
...BUT there’s so much conflicting dating advice
...BUT I've been burned by "celebrity dating coach" guys

Here's the thing: Those problems have always existed. Men have always faced rejecxtion, products have always been hyped, there’s always been conflicting dating advice, anyone can call themselves a dating guru, and everyone has always been scared of approaching beautiful women in public…

So what REALLY makes hot girls horny and want to fuck you...
Without Saying A Word?

Well-Intentioned Dating Coaches Have Convinced the World That
Dating Hot Girls Is Either Totally Impossible… Or Quick ‘n’ Easy

It's not your fault that the idea of paying for bootcamps or overpriced dating products is scary…

The Community has taught us to fear "being single" and EXPECTING to Crash and Burn with tons of girls as "practice". It's taught us to question the validity of our ideas if we're not banging a new girl every week...

No surprise that normal guys like you and I are totally intimidated by the notion of trying to "learn game"…

But if fear is holding your dating life back…
or making you think improving yourself is just too hard… or approaching
girls is crippling your confidence, then something's gotta give…

You need to master Style Attraction. When? Now. How? Well, that's where I can help you…

I'm Vince Lin. I'm a style consultant and co-founder of Seduce With Style and PUA Lingo... SargeNation named me a top influencer. I've been featured in publications like Asian Dating Superstars and Cupid's Library as The Top 10 Asian Dating Coaches.

I Will Teach You to Build Your Image And
Gain Ongoing Passive Attention From Girls – Letting Them Approach You, Or
Making It Much Smoother When You Say Hello

But to do that, we need to get real. There's no magic pill you can take to "unlock the floodgates" of passive attraction. But there ARE systems, processes, tactics and practices that WILL attract more sexual attention to yourself at all times. How do I know that? Because I've not only improved my own style and look to date models... but I've also consulted for others, with killer results!

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Vince has helped tons of guys improve their style, self confidence, and win-ratio with dating beautiful women. He gets it. I’ve been thinking about writing a book on fashion for a while now but not anymore – I couldn’t have written a better book if I tried!.

DJ Fuji
DJ Fuji, Professional Dating Coach

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The dreaded word: Upgrade. Actually, it's only a bad word if you're just playing the part of an Attraction Hacker but, deep down inside, you're not that serious about growing your game or self image. I hope that's not you!

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Given that the few clients I accept today pay me what amounts to four figures per hour, I suppose I could go hog-wild with the pricing for Seduce With Style. But I haven't. Because I want to keep it affordable for guys like you who deserve it. To see your tuition, choose 1 of these 2 options:

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I highly recommend this book, as it sees and understands what women find sexy. Seduce with Style is a great reference tool to help people who already have mastered the art of fashion to a certain degree right to the guy who has ZERO understanding about fashion.

Kezia Noble, World's #1 Female Dating Coach

Silicon Valley Fortune 500 Executive Spices Up Dating Life

The Seduce With Style Ebook is very comprehensive, especially the shopping and stores section. The emphasis on creating a consistent but unique look using a combination of medium tier and elite store brands was very helpful. The figures showing details of each clothing item will really help me pick out my clothes next time I am shopping.

Vijay B., San Francisco, CA

Aspiring Model Uses SWS To Book First Modeling Gig

I used the SWS Lookbook to construct one of my outfits for a test photoshoot with a fashion modeling agency. The photos turned out great! I just wanted to share how brilliantly my photoshoot turned out. THANK YOU AGAIN Seducing With Style

Peter Davis
Peter Davis, Australian Model and Actor

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I particularly liked the “Introducing Mr. Stylish” chapter, because it does a great job explaining the connection between style and the MM (Mystery Method) attraction switches that I was already familiar with and how great style can make it easier to trigger those switches without even having to say a word. It’s like having an ace up your sleeve when you go into an interaction with a woman.

Steven S, Redwood City, CA

College Student Finds Jewish Love Of His Life

There aren’t a lot of good fashion guides out there. I tried to follow GQ in the past when going through the style life challenge but it just didn’t click for me. Seduce With Style has pictures and clearly explains how to tighten up your fashion. Knowing how to dress to impress is crucial when you want to attract the ladies. This book covers all the essentials that one needs to get style that is unique and attractive.

Disco, Irvine, CA.

College Student Gets New Makeover

The book Seduce with Style is an amazing book for those who are dumbfounded when it comes to putting together an outfit. The author goes into great detail as to what looks great on a man so the reader can purchase his next outfits with confidence.

Kev AKA Sexual Twinkie
Kev P. Vegas, NV.
I want to…

Grow My Self Confidence

Choose this if you're starting out, finding yourself, or want to improve your self image
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