What If You Had The Power To
Create Love At First Sight ATTRACTION
With Every Woman You Meet?

From the desk of Vince Lin:

Dear frustrated friend,

Have you ever wanted to approach a beautiful woman, but you were afraid that you wouldn't know what to do or say to her?

She's right there looking gorgeous and sexy, and all you have to do is walk up and say SOMETHING to her... but you just can't because you are paralyzed with fear, and lacking self esteem?

How does it make you feel when that girl you’ve been secretly admiring or one of your hot female friends says to you, “Did you see that guy? He’s freaking gorgeous!”? And isn't it frustrating to see another guy approach her, and watch as she starts to flirt with him and you can tell that she is totally into him.

Do ever you find yourself wondering what might have happened if only YOU had the power to attract her in that way?

It completely sucks, doesn't it? I've been there.

Also - has this ever crossed your mind:

"Why are these other douchebags getting all the hot girls? I am obviously such a better match! I'm sick and tired of not being to attract the girls that are truly attractive to me and having to settle for less!!!"

And when you do finally get the courage to approach a hot girl, your legs freeze up, your heart starts beating faster, and you don't know what to do...

And This Fear Is What Keeps You From Ever Approaching The Real 9s and 10s

Now I realize that is a little embarrassing to express myself, but I used to be that guy who couldn't get the girls he wanted!

I would see the hottest girls in a club that I wanted to meet, but I just couldn't get myself to go over and talk to her or somehow get her attention. Worse, when I did approach and she was actually NICE to me, I had no idea where to take it, and the conversation fizzles out...

Eventually, I realized something.

The main reason I was afraid to approach women, was that I didn't love myself. Without love of self, you cannot genuinely love (or seduce) another.

I have always felt a barrier of "class" between hot girls and me.

As in, they were MUCH better looking than me. They must only hook up with guys who stand out equally in a bar or club. The thing is, the more you think about it this way, the more your behavior starts to reflect this!

Eventually you stall out, chicken out, or just go home empty handed...

Well My Friend, I Have Some Great News

What if I were to tell you that you could instantly and effortlessly generate visual attraction in every woman that you meet?

What if you could be doing this the very next time you walk out your door?

And what if it was...

Designed To Work On All Types Of Women

From the reserved school girl type who is secretly a deviant in bed...to the beautiful Swedish blonde that makes every man who's not talking to her jealous of you.

From that first glance across the room, to the time she is looking into your eyes in the bedroom.

All just by applying some simple yet amazingly effective style techniques, in a way that no guy has ever done before.

And let me tell you, when you learn to do this, you will feel like you have superpowers. She will feel so smitten by you that it is like taking candy from a baby.

*WARNING* - Before I Go On:

People are intrigued when they see a guy who appears to possess a natural charm about them with girls, families, friends, coworkers.

And their immediate response is very revealing of their quick-fix paradigm: "How do you do it? Teach me the techniques!"

For a short time, skills and techniques may appear to work. But the underlying chronic condition remains, and eventually new acute symptoms will appear. This is not a surface level quick-fix solution.

What I am offering you is time-proof, tested principles of style and attraction:
1) You gain a sense of total immersion in the material presented
2) You will resonate with basic principles of style that remain for the rest of your life
3) You can create instant attraction and the ability to teach this to others

So, Here's A Rare Chance To:

Easily install instant visual attraction, bypassing all the PUA bootcamp knowledge.
Impress your friends with your ability to attract smoking-hot girls at first sight.
Finally feel fulfilled in having true choice over the girls you consider to be "9s and 10s".


But before we dive into what this is...

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You feel under-dressed or what something is "off" about you, and that the other guys (your competition) just seems to have a better style-sense. You're not sure what you're missing but you know that the other guys has something you do not.
You are staring at beautiful girl and have NO idea what to do or say that will make her feel attracted to you, time is running out, and before you know it, she is on her way walking out of the bar.
You watch another guy friend talk to the girl you are interested in, and within minutes she starts showing interest in him, even though you know you are a better catch.
You meet a girl for the first date and you seemed to have hit it off with her. Moments afterward, she appears to be losing interest quickly and you have no idea why!
Deep down, you feel like you are good looking with tremendous potential. But you have no idea how to bring it out of yourself, and everyone else seems to be missing this golden light that you already possess within. You feel frustrated because your true gifts and abilities as a charming man cannot be seen by the world!

As I hinted, I used to be incredibly frustrated with my ability to attract women.

I mean, no matter how cool I thought I was was internally, I always felt like I could not effectively and efficiently communicate these positive traits to the women I desired.

But Life Is 100% Different Now...

Keep in mind, only after I decided to take action to finally fix this part of my life did I seriously gain mastery.

I spent countless hours hanging out with male models and listening to other guys (who were less model-looking) who were able to generate instant attraction with women.

I literally invested FIVE YEARS testing and refining everything I could get my hands on to help me to engage and attract the hottest women.

I became OBSESSED with how to create "love at first sight" for men, that hot women seemed to do so easily.

I read books on body language and modeling.

I refined my sense of style and developed a few amazing amazing avatars that always resulted in women staring at me as I walked into a room and conversions turning quickly into a fun, sexual vibe.

I learned how to put together little accessories, in ways that almost magically got women to come up and talk to me.

I discovered the easiest way to get a woman to see me again (and it is not in the phone number), a kiss, and getting her to be comfortable back to my place.

Whatever worked, I kept doing and refining.

What didn't work, I recorded, broke down and analyzed, finding out exactly why.

Then I changed how I did it, over, and over, and over again.

After countless years of frustration, failures and theorizing and then testing...

...I actually started getting consistently results with girls I found really attractive.

And now today I am here to tell you...

Attracting 9s and 10s Is Not Harder.

If you could spend the same amount of time learning to attract average girls or hot ones, and reach the same result, which one would you prefer to dedicate your time to? I thought so...

My name is Vince Lin and I've discovered a simple method that actually is proven to engage and attract even the hottest women just by improving your style avatar.

When I walk into a room (or, even before I walk into a room) I know exactly how to automatically start flipping her attraction switches. Through STYLE

I've learned the secret to generating attraction with women who I used to think were way out of my league.

The simple truth is, those women are well within your reach... and you deserve them.

And once applied, you can do this anytime, like a light switch you turn ON when you need it, and OFF when you don't.

With this confidence, I can now fearlessly walk up to a group of women and confidently start a conversation, knowing that I have a simple secret that will make it easy to engage and attract these women.

Now I realize that all this might sound too good to be true, and believe me... that's what I thought when I first made this discovery.

But as I began to apply the method to myself, I noticed that I suddenly had women approaching me, even at times when I did not want to be talking to women.

And I can tell you this... when you get to THIS point in your dating life...

...You Will Feel A Sense Of Satisfaction, Relief and Contentment Not Known Before

Tonight is Friday and I am sitting here writing this letter to you, because I know that tomorrow I can go out and get the same quality of girls into my life. Day Time. Night Time. Anytime. It is a skill I have now for LIFE.

You might be wondering if I want to settle down. Some day. I want a daughter, and kids, and dogs. But not right now. For you, perhaps you just want to be with the right woman. Make the right choice.

Which is why it is so important to get better at meeting and attracting women, so you have the power to make the choice who is right for YOU.

Having OPTIONS is good my friend. CHOICE and ABUNDANCE is good.

What I've now reallized along the way is that my success had almost nothing to do with me and everything to do with these simple (but powerful) Style Attraction Switches I was using, to always flow with the right aura when I am in a room with women.


The Seduce With Style 2.0 System

Modules Covered:

  • Module 1: Strategy Guide ($97 Value)
  • Module 2: Tactical Style Guide ($97 Value)
  • Module 3: Advanced Style Guide ($97 Value)
  • Dating & Fashion Guru Interviews ($97 Value)

Here's What This Amazing Program Will Teach You..

The 5 Common Myths About Style that most guys believe in, but aren’t true – pg. 4
The core elements of style, from fit, matching colors, and choosing materials to what accessories to get and what different brands mean – pg. 13.
Learn how style can improve your first impressions, boost your confidence, better your self-image, and improve your success with women – pg. 17
Learn the secret of Style Attraction Switches, and how to trigger them to create massive attraction with women – pg. 32 (this has been a closely guarded secret UNTIL NOW).
The Map of Style, 2011 Edition – pg. 37
8 crucial fashion mistakes to avoid, that you are probably already making – pg. 49
How to always smell fresh and impress women with your scent – pg. 55
How to get a professional looking haircut for less than $25 dollars – pg. 58
How to pick the right size and fit for clothing items, from jeans and dress shirts to belts, shoes, and suits – pg. 62
A top secret technique that is easy to master, yet so powerful it will help you model Sexual Avatars to instantly attract the kind of women you’re looking for.
The real reason why most guys FAIL when talking to women and an illustrated guide to picking out the right clothing, and how to avoid common fashion faux pas– pg. 71 (WARNING: Almost All Guys Make This Mistake!)
Everything you wanted to know about colors, from how to match clothes to your skin tone, picking complementary colors, and the emotional meaning behind different hues – pg. 81
How to use layering to add an extra dimension to your look – pg. 88 (this works every time).
A secret ultimate guide to accessories, from arm bands and watches to sunglasses and jewelry – pg. 100.
Easily master where to shop, and how to buy great clothing pieces on a budget – pg. 118
Where to shop, and how to buy great clothing pieces on a budget – pg. 118
Learn about piercings and tattoos, and how to incorporate them into your style – pg. 128
Learn how to master scents, and how to use pheromones to generate automatic attraction from women – pg. 134
Learn how to use masculine body language to improve your presentation and amplify attraction – pg. 142
How to develop long-term style and good looks – pg. 151

and much, MUCH more.

WOW! All That From One eBook Course?

Actually... YES!

This is the same material that I've been teaching guys during my private image consulting sessions in San Francisco.

Except more organized, more illustrative, and more prepared than anything I have ever done before. This System encompasses my masterpiece work: basically EVERYTHING I've learned and perfected, using style and the psychology of attraction, to create the magic of LOVE at first sight with women.

I mean, this is STEP by STEP stuff that is completely broken down and ready to be applied. And it works EVERY time, with EVERY client I have ever had.

And it will work for you. Regardless of your current life situation, looks, or experience with women.

*I am kind of EMBARRASSED
to show you this*
But for your benefit, here goes.

Here I am years before I mastered my style
and an after picture of me now
with the 2 girls we met that day:

me before and after

And.. Subsequently:

me before and after

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There’s no point in having a great sense of style if you have a sloppy body. This ebook teaches you how to develop a sexy body to match your sexy style, with workout advice from a former wrestling team captain and Judo black belt with over 15 years of weight lifting experience.

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More Feedback From A Customer*

feedback for sws

THIS is the resource you wished existed…and NOW it does!

But First, Let Me Answer Some
Questions You May Have...

QUESTION: Doesn’t what’s on the inside matter more than how I look on the outside? Why should I care about Style?

It’s true that who you are as a person is way more important than how you look. However, the truth is that women judge you by the way you look. If your looks aren’t up to her standards, it doesn’t matter how great of a person you are– she’ll already have written you off and she’ll never get the chance to get to know you.

QUESTION: Isn’t it shallow & self-centered to be concerned about the way you look?

I used to think so too, but then I realized that it’s only shallow if you only care about how you look, an important distinction. Learning how to express who you really are through clothing can actually be a very enlightening experience.

As far as being self-centered, that’s not true at all. Think about it for a moment: do you want the women in your life to take care of how they look and dress so that they look their best, or would you prefer that they dress sloppily and not care at all about how they look? The answer is obvious, and women want the same thing. By dressing and looking your best, you are actually doing women a favor.

QUESTION: Isn’t there more to attracting women than just Style?

Absolutely, and there is tons of great information about meeting women online. However, Style is an absolutely key part of the puzzle, because your clothing is one of the first things a woman notices about you. It doesn’t matter how good you are with women if you can’t even get them to talk to you because you dress poorly.

QUESTION: I don’t know anything about style, will your book help?

Yes! I cover some pretty advanced topics in my book, but I start with the very basics, assuming that you know nothing about style. No matter what your current level is in regards to style, the information in my book will help get you to the next level.

QUESTION: How long will it take me to learn how to dress stylishly?

The great thing about Style is that is something something you can fix immediately. Depending on how quickly you can read and go shopping, you can start seeing results within just a few days. Of course, it will take a little longer to master all the rules of Style, but by having my book as a reference you will be able to dramatically shortcut the process.

QUESTION: I’m a poor college student. Can I be stylish on a budget?

Absolutely! I was once a starving student myself, so I can totally relate to this. The great thing about Style is that you don’t have to be rich to look stylish. By learning the fundamentals of Style and following the shopping advice provided in my book, you will be able put together some amazing outfits without breaking the bank.

QUESTION: What will my wife or girlfriend think?

Women love style and fashion. The advice in this book can be used not only to attract new women, but increase your attractiveness to the woman you’re with. Trust me, women know how important it is to look good, and she will appreciate the effort you’re putting into looking better for her.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Listen, you may be skeptical, and I don't blame you. The internet industry and dating industry have made "magic pill" products work and people are motivated by the fast cash and money. The fact that you're skeptical means that you are an independent thinker and intelligent buyer.

Here's what you should know...

1. I've been a dating coach and style consultant to men for over 5 years now. I've been helping guys get success with women and fixing their image with my coaching and programs since 2007.

And another reason...

2.I've been the guy who was a 23 year old virgin, had no clue how to generate attraction with women, and had no idea where to start. I also wanted badly to break into the modeling industry. It took me years of work, but I finally figured out the magical "balancing" act you need to do to create a auto-attractive style with women, while maintaining that model attitude of "not trying too hard". If you mess this balance up, you either don't get initial attraction at first sight, or you become a man of vanity who only cares about his looks and women get tired of that quickly. The "sweet spot" between SERIOUS INTENT and CAREFREE JOY is where you get to create INSTANT attraction as soon as she lays her eyes on you and she becomes addicted to seeing you and being with you.

And don't forget...

3. I've hung around Male Models (my roommate is one), Dating Coaches, Bad Boys, Naturals, and countless guys who have found a way to become amazing with women. I've completely broken down their looks and behavior and what works - and what doesn't. And I've taken what works and applied it to my system and tossed aside what didn't work.


4. This program breaks down the complete style building formula to approach and attract women into a process that ANY guy can use to shed his "boring" side that isn't getting him success with women. The use of the secret psychological Style Attraction Techniques allows guys to leverage their natural personalities and innate qualities - without having to change their personality, turn into a fake persona, or become someone they are not

And finally...

5. I really hate mass media mentality and hype. I'm not one of those guys that's going to promise you the moon and stars and then not be able to deliver it. That's why I priced this product at a mere $39 when I could charge hundreds. br>
Have you ever read a "pickup line" that made you think: "That sounds cool..." But inside you knew you could never really use it on a woman?

Everything I've talked about in this program is something I created and used in real life - stuff that REAL guys like you and me can USE - to get that raw level Visual Attraction with women. No insane material that makes you recoil in shock and fear - only realistic, ground level tactics and techniques that you will actually put to work right now. Judge me by my results.

Here are the before and after pictures
of guys I have worked with:

What Guys Are Saying About
Seduce With Style 2.0*:

"The most comprehensive, useful, applicable book I’ve ever seen on style"

I’ve been thinking about writing a book on fashion for a while now but not anymore – I couldn’t have written a better book if I tried!

- DJ Fuji, Professional Dating Coach

"I highly recommend this book, as it sees and understands what women find sexy "

Seduce with Style is a great reference tool to help people who already have mastered the art of fashion to a certain degree right to the guy who has ZERO understanding about fashion. I really recommend this book to anybody wanted to improve their style, it really does cover every detail.

- Kezia Noble, World's #1 Female Dating Coach

"This Has Changed My Life"

The Seduce With Style Ebook is very comprehensive, especially the shopping and stores section. The emphasis on creating a consistent but unique look using a combination of medium tier and elite store brands was very helpful. The figures showing details of each clothing item will really help me pick out my clothes next time I am shopping.

- Vijay B., San Francisco, CA

"This book is without doubt one of the most comprehensive eBooks I have seen on how to use fashion to get women"

There aren’t a lot of good fashion guides out there. I tried to follow GQ in the past when going through the style life challenge but it just didn’t click for me. Seduce With Style has pictures and clearly explains how to tighten up your fashion. Knowing how to dress to impress is crucial when you want to attract the ladies. This book covers all the essentials that one needs to get style that is unique and attractive.

- Disco, San Jose, CA.

"I believe a book on this topic has been long overdue, and Seduce with Style nails it"

I particularly liked the “Introducing Mr. Stylish” chapter, because it does a great job explaining the connection between style and the MM (Mystery Method) attraction switches that I was already familiar with and how great style can make it easier to trigger those switches without even having to say a word. It’s like having an ace up your sleeve when you go into an interaction with a woman.

- Steven S, Redwood City, CA

"I used the SWS Lookbook to construct one of my outfits for a test photoshoot with a fashion modeling agency"

The photos turned out great! I just wanted to share how brilliantly my photoshoot turned out. THANK YOU AGAIN Seducing With Style.

- Peter Davis, Melbourne, Australia

"Highly recommended: this detailed fashion guide"

The book Seduce with Style is an amazing book for those who are dumbfounded when it comes to putting together an outfit. The author goes into great detail as to what looks great on a man so the reader can purchase his next outfits with confidence.

- Joe H. San Jose, CA.

All This For The Incredibly Low Price Of $97 $39

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So What Are You Going To Do Now?

Are you going to be like most guys and just keep doing what you are doing, secretly hoping that one day your results will magically change? Or are you going to join the small group of guys who have finally mastered this part of their life?

Now that I've explained how I will teach you to instantly accelerate your dating success, there's nothing left to do but act on this now.

Within minutes of downloading this program, you will have access to all of my secrets, tips and strategies that I have used to successfully generate Style Attraction with some of the most gorgeous women imaginable. This system is proven to work based on feedback from my past clients, who ranged from total novices to intermediate level guys

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2. Develop a core style and confidence that gives you attention from hot women giving you "the look" from across the room... That feeling you get When men respect you, and women can't keep their hands off of you... you'll realize this was a great choice.

3. Join the secret style syndicate of guys have already changed their life with this program. In fact, this material is proven to work in the most demanding dating environment in the world, the heavily male-engineer skewed San Francisco Bay Area. If it works there, it will work anywhere.

4. You owe it to yourself to finally be happy with your choices when it comes to women, your own image and self esteem, and dating.

5. While the techniques shown in this product are simple to learn, they are incredibly effective at generating long term attraction - regardless of your current level of skill with style or women. Whether you are are a virgin, or a guy who already has success with women, this product will Improve Your Success with women and with your style.

So If You're Ready To Learn How To Seduce With Style And Have Decided To Take The Next Step And Finally Start To Live A Confident Life Full Of Choice With Women Here's Exactly What You NEED to Do, Right Now

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Remember, the sooner you read the book and apply what you are shown, the sooner you'll be successful with women. And the sooner you'll have an amazing dating and stylish life, filled with beautiful women and love.

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How Can You Only Charge $97 $39
For Such An Amazing Product?

Here's the deal: While I personally HAVE spent thousands of hours (and dollars) going out, buying clothes, learning dating techniques, refining and practicing my communication skills with girls over the past 5 years, it doesn't have to be that long, that complicated or that expensive for you.

And for all the countless complicated (and expensive) systems I've tried to generate real "Love At First Sight" sexual attraction with women, many of them missed the mark on style and how important is really is in dating (and life in general!)

I've put in a ton of time, and spent a lot of money on every system, book and method imaginable so you don't have to.

I created Seduce With Style 2.0 to SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY from learning all of the complicated methods on your own and going through all the mistakes and heartaches that I did by trying everything available… And I am only sharing the stuff (i.e. core principles, following by techniques) that works every time to generate attraction with women.

Here's to your success, and I'll see you on the other side.


Vince Lin
Dating Coach and Image Consultant
Author, Seduce With Style 2.0

For any questions, please contact me at: contact@seducingwithstyle.com

P.S.: The Seduce With Style 2.0 Program is just packed with all of my best style techniques that are proven to trigger that magical physical and emotional response called LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with women. When you are finished with this product, you’ll have an education and understanding of women and attraction beyond any other guy out there today. Don't waste this knowledge and apply it quickly. So Don't Delay. Order Now.

P.P.S.: Since I understand you may still be skeptical this program can do everything I've told you it will do, I'd like to take all the risk out of trying it... In addition to the 60-day risk free trial, and since you've taken the time to read this far, let me throw in a little something extra to make this deal even sweeter...

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P.P.P.S.: My experience has shown that if you wait to get started on the path of learning the right method, chances are you will simply never get started. It's too easy to procrastinate. Don't let that stop you from getting off your "butt" and get moving now. CLICK HERE to get your program RIGHT NOW.

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