Here are 10 Attraction-spiking style tweaks you can use right now

Neither Dating “gurus” nor PUAs know these tweaks. But smart guys like you are learning and using them to double and triple their dates


Rishi, despite being an extremely talented engineer, always suffered from women NOT liking him back. He underwent a consultation with Vince and started to apply the knowledge he gained from Seduce With Style. In particular he sharpened his social skills and intuition and used his perceived "deficiencies" to his advantage. Now he dates girls of his choice.


Jon is a naturally classy guy but didn't know how to close the deal with the girls he really likes. He went through a personal and style transformation that gave him more self-acceptance and confidence, and his image evolved along with his life direction towards bigger, better, and hotter "things"


Kevin, AKA “Sexual Twinkie” was a former model. Being young at 21 he wanted to get the "turbo girls" of the high end nightclubs he frequents. He used the 10 style tip sto evolve his look to reflect an "elite" group of men in the nightlife scenen and ended up with the highest class girls of the club scene.


Julien just needed advice. Any advice. His had no style, and no life. Vince worked with him 1-on-1 in Vancouver, and was able to show him a life he desired that was within his reach. Within the week they spent together, Julien was able to create a new look for himself, and feel more confident about himself, life, and the girls he meets everyday.


Anthony is a very good friend of mine. When I met him, he was already stylish. As I learned more about him I began to see a pattern: all stylish men were not born that way. They all share the similarity of precisely determining what they wanted out of life, and putting forth focused action and effort towards that goal.

Vince Lin, Lifestyle Coach

Lifestyle consultant Vince Lin is giving away 10 attraction-spiking tweaks that neither dating gurus nor PUAs know

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